Minecraft is a wonderful building, digging and strategy game designed by Mojang. It challenges kids and adults to use their imaginations, be creative and build awesome things. To buy Minecraft the website is at http://www.minecraft.net


The GamerzPit server is a kids friendly server. This server is a Christian server and puts God first. Foul language, rudeness, and downright despicable behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly. Client mods will dealt with on a case by case scenario. To request access to the server, fill out the request form below and wait. You will be notified once access is granted.


Plug this server into your multiplayer section of the Minecraft client and you will be playing in no time flat.
Minecraft Server Info: mc.gamerzpit.com



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GamerzPit PVP Arena
GamerzPit PVP Arena